Welcome to Feng Shui Transformation with Melissa Lim

Are you struggling to make your space feel just right?

Check out Melissa Lim’s Feng Shui Consultation—a game-changer in designing spaces that look good and boost overall well-being. Feng shui isn’t just about where things go; it’s about creating a balanced, positive vibe that matches your goals.

With Melissa Lim’s expertise, you get a personalized feng shui map for your space. This map guides you on the best placement for elements, furniture, and decor to amplify positive energy. Whether you’re building, renovating, or redecorating, this map becomes your timeless tool for a space that brings harmony, prosperity, and well-being, impacting your life positively for years.

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A personalized feng shui consultation can help you make your place more harmonious and your life better. How we make the magic happen:

1. Inquiry

To start the process, send me a message on Viber or email. I’ll ask for basic details about your home and your goals.

2. Payment

Once on board, you can easily pay through Gcash or a bank transfer.

3. Online call

Let’s talk! There will be a fun Zoom call between us. You can look at my booking page here to find a time that works for you.

4. On-Site Visit

(For Clients in Metro Manila and Calabarzon): I’ll set up an on-site visit to your place for a more in-depth experience. This step makes sure that the method is tailored to your space.

5. Feng Shui Report

Get ready to learn something new! A few days after our meeting, a full Feng Shui report will be sent to your email. This complete guide will give you the tools to make significant changes in the world around you.

“Architect Melissa V. Lim has done some projects for us, and we’re pleased with them. We picked her because we both believe in Feng Shui.

Nipa & Bamboo Retreat in Batangas

  • Our favorite weekend escape in Batangas was a traditional bamboo and nipa hut on a 3-hectare property. It had two open bedrooms and a spacious back porch with a perfect view of Taal Lake. The design allowed a natural breeze, and the high location let clouds pass through in the afternoons, creating a heavenly feeling. The simple yet beautiful design, high ceilings, and cost-effectiveness made it a unique and sought-after property.

Wheelchair-Friendly Bungalow in Laguna

  • Arch Melissa’s next project for us was a 500 sqm bungalow in Laguna. We wanted a single-story house with flat floors, wide doors for easy movement, and low, broad windows to enjoy the expansive subdivision views. No distracting grills allowed. Arch Melissa delivered exactly that within our budget, making adjustments for Feng Shui elements. Many joyous occasions filled this home.

Manufacturing Plant and Office in Cabuyao, Laguna

  • Our success story includes a two-thousand-square-meter manufacturing plant and office building in Cabuyao, Laguna. Arch Melissa V. Lim’s formula for success aligns perfectly with our vision—combining insights, foresight, knowledge, and industry.”
Mrs. M

Architecture & Feng Shui Client


1. How do I initiate a Feng Shui consultation with Melissa Lim?
  • Begin by reaching out via Viber or email to express your interest. We’ll guide you through the process and discuss the next steps.
2. What payment methods are accepted?
  • Payments are conveniently settled through Gcash or bank transfer, ensuring a smooth transaction process.
3. Can I choose a specific time for the online call via Zoom?
  • Certainly! Explore my booking page to view available schedules and select a time that suits you.
4. Do I need to be present during the onsite visit?
  • Not necessarily. Whether you’re present or not, rest assured that your space will be carefully assessed. An attendant or representative may meet with Melissa Lim to facilitate the onsite visit.
5. Is there an additional fee for the onsite visit?
  • Transport fees outside of Metro Manila and Calabarzon will be covered by the client. No additional fees for sites within Metro Manila and Calabarzon.
6. How will I receive my feng shui report?
  • Following our consultation, a detailed feng shui report will be sent directly to your email. This comprehensive guide will empower you to implement transformative changes in your environment.
7. How is the quotation determined for the scope of work?
  • Quotations are provided through Viber chat or email conversation, based on the specific scope of work discussed. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs and requirements.