Melissa Lim

Architect & Feng Shui Consultant
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Health, wealth, or happiness?


What matters most to you? Do you value living your best life by creating positive experiences? 

Research by Elizabeth Dunn and team (2016) discovered that spending on experiences, especially those with social connections, boost well-being. Doing things like dinners or trips creates shared moments, building social ties and a sense of belonging.

While you may not go out every weekend for new experiences, what if your home could bring health, wealth, happiness, and joy?

Before COVID-19, surveys showed that adults in the United States spent 70-80% of their time indoors and a lot at home (Klepeis et al., 2001; Wallace et al., 2002).

So, if you want to invest in ONE PLACE for comfort, peace, and rest—that’s your home!


Hi, I’m Melissa Villanueva-Lim, a registered Architect and Feng Shui Consultant. 


I help people live their best lives by designing their spaces in harmony with the energies that attract good health, happiness and prosperity.


I mastered the Art of Feng Shui and studied how creating harmony in the way you design your home can improve one’s well-being.

We can work together to apply Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics principles in your home.

You’ll be surprised at how easy and practical your monetary investment will be.

“Melissa can apply her knowledge of Chinese metaphysics, based on your bazi chart and the feng shui of your house, to multiple aspects of your life — from furniture placement to room location. Rest assured, your homes are safe in her hands!”

Isabela Samson

Architecture, Feng Shui, and Bazi Client

“Thank you, Melissa, for my yearly Bazi chart readings that help me understand and navigate the incoming year. These make me more aware and prepared of what’s to come. I also appreciate your guidance when there is illness with a family member. Your feng shui recommendations help ease and calm the situation.”

Cindy Dioquino

Feng Shui and Bazi Client

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